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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 14, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> the stick one last time. after 54 years of hosting the giants and niners paul is closing it down with a concert. here he is during a sound check late today. he's playing right now. good evening. candlestick as you know the last venue in which the beatles performed in cop certificate. so it is fitting that former beadle has come back for the stadium final event. here is a
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shot of fans entering candlestick forth big concert tonight and police were out in force looking for counterfeit tickets and illegal scalpers. vic lee has the story. >> as crowds arrive so did police. lots of them. patrolling on foot. on bicycle and riding motorcycles. they expect the concert to be trouble free but they are aware of scalper selling counterfeit tickets like these which turned up at least weekend outside land concert at golden gate park. hundreds spot them. paying as much as 1,000 dollars per ticket. printed on ticket card stock which had been stolen awail back from a ticket distribute or. this time police are ready for them. they will be units looking for the scalpers. at each gate police accompanied by people who can tell the fake from the real tickets. >> another plant will have someone working with the representative from ticket master distributing the tickets. they will validate
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whether or not the ticket is authenticated. >> beadle have the last concert there. he has to be the last concert at candlestick park. >> kirl and jessie drove 10 hours from oregon to see their idol paul. they have got 2 extra tickets which they are scalping and one heck of a sales pitch. >> money totally worth paying for it paul and there's a slight rumor that ringo star might show up. >> best seats already sold out quickly. owner of johns grill bought tickets in sex a 2 which is right on the field. >> i hear they are going up word of 3000 appease good thing we got them on time. >>reporter: rick glover came all the way from atlanta for the concert. he's a real beatles fan even has the picture with sir paul and ticket at the sound check row worth 1,000 plus dollars. >> they call the fans on the run because we are constantly wherever the paul magnet pulls us whole group of us here tonight. >> among those here rock
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journalist bob who bought a ticket he says for only 49 dollars. >> either upper reserve or ukraine restricted. i don't know. i don't expect to see much until i go to the cop session stand. >> ukraine restricted? funny man ben. let me tell you. 1500 dollars is probably the most expensive ticket that we found today but you know the old beetles song goes he's got a ticket to ride. vic lee abc 7 news. >> what a ticket. paul may not recognize the stadium he last played in 48 years ago. take a look at what it was like back then when candlestick park baseball only venue long before it was enclosed. tiffany will so that got a tour of the set up for tonight's performance. >> first grade fingerer fly over string. playing a song written more than a generation ago. if the simply loves the
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beatles. i love them because they always make music. on not trying to kill or hurt people but thereof people. >>reporter: last month he met ringo. now he's meeting another length end. >> i love him because he's the one 0one of the beetles. he's the one that about love people tishtion his gift comes despite incredible loss and pain. he's the only surviving child of triplet and his mom battled cancer for 13 years. most recently it returned in her ovary. >> my dream make sure that i have great memory with all of my children. i leave them with great memory if writ to happen to me. >>reporter: when they walk inside this is the stage they will see. biggest video screen. best audio equipment and pyrotechnic show that could make even the back row squint. >> he brought in 36 semi for the stage. enormous production. >> crew spent day preparing the
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50,000 seats. paul spent 50 years performing 1,000 sox. tonight the candlestick park one last serenade. >> legend close ago legendary venue. amazing. >>reporter: after the show 5-year-old king will add new picture to his portfolio. along with new title for sir paul. >> now i hear that you don't have any brothers. >> i do. whoyshtion are your brothers. >> if ringop john paul george. >>reporter: brother whose play together. >> and king hopes to one day play for a stadium like this one. outside of candlestick park, as i have any -- tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> san francisco mayor ed lee much of the credit for arranging tonight concert. all came back during last year lands conserve. paul waiting to perform he had a chance meeting with mayor lee. >> looking at me says it's pretty special. though it
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was pretty special. i said well i think it's special being knighted sir paul and we broke the ice. >> that led to tonight's concert. mayor lee will be there. he will be watching from candlestick park suite. former mayor will brown turned down a chance to sit with lee. he wanted to be closer to the stage who could blame him. >> well more than one way to get into tonight concert for those without a ticket. robert friedman music producer but couldn't get a ticket to the concert so he signed up to usher the event. he did the exact same thing 52 years ago when the beatles played the first concert at the cow palace 19 skovrment he was 16 back then. his job was to keep the girls from rushing the stage. >> i was the tiniest little guy. holding back the throng of girls that all towered over me. so much screaming. the girls were absolutely in history taishing. beetle were his very cool. >> friedman got the fab 4
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autograph but gave them to a girl he wanted to take it back then trying to win her heart. decision he regrets now. friedman posted about his experience on facebook. paul l responded saying he loves hearing about stories. how great is that. >> now we have more from candlestick coming up later in this newscast. we show you some photographs of that final beetles concert never seen in public before. and william whose parents would not about let her attend the con center 1966 find out who is taking her to the show tonight. . those stories coming later in the hour. something very different bomb shell revelation about robin williams that his wife releasing a statement l thanking everyone for the outpouring of good wishes since his passing but also divulging he was suffering with early stages of parkinson's disease jaws debilitating illness. nick watt now with details. >> we learn about one more
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struggle faced by the i are repressible robin williams in the months before he died. robin sobriety was intact his wife susan said in written statement he was brave as he drug weld his own battle of depression, anxiety as well as early stages of parkinson's disease. which he was not yet ready to share publicly. >> early parkinson's consists of tremor and a little bit of slowness and perhaps postural changes so people lean forward. >>reporter: million and a half americans have parkinson's and research suggest a link between the disease and clinical depression. michael j fox long time friend of williams who was diagnosed with parkinson's 1991 tweeted stuned to learn robin had pd. t his support pre-dated a diagnosis. true fend i wish him peace. williams family who have all requested privacy since his death are all sharing their
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memories of the man most of us thought we knew but only knew on screen. youngest son codey saying i will miss him and take him with me everywhere i go. for the rest of my life. we'll look forward forever for the moment when i get to see him again. susan his wife hope others might live learning a lesson from how he died. it is our hope in the wake of robin tragic passing she says that others will find the strongt seek the care and support they need to treat whatever battle they are facing that they may feel less afraid. >> williams widow says familiarityly has found solace in the present outpouring of affection and admiration since his death. greatest legacy she says the joy and happiness he brought particularly to those fighting personal battles, beside his children. >> this memorial is still growing at the san francisco
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home featured in mrs. doubtfir doubtfire. fans have placed flowers an notes on the steps and sidewalk in front of the house on the street. famous licenses from williams other movie and there have been so many. homeowner says he will let the memorial stay until saturday. >> couple lovely comedian who were close friends of robin williams joins cheryl jennings this saturday at 4:30 for special beyond the headlines on depression and fight against it. saturday at 4:30 and again sunday at 10:00 a.m. here on abc 7. tune in if you can. >> bart station closed in richmond as suspicious package is investigated. fremont direction is not running. at the time capitol trains always affected delayed spwins 8:20 p.m. so about almost 50 minutes now. san jose police identified the officer involved in a deadly officer involved shoot thanksgiving morning. police say it was officer fv here incident cawley caught on cell phone camera. happened along
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blossom hill road at 10:30. woman called 911 and told dispatcher a woman had an uzi and planned to kill her family. 19-year-old woman appears in front of home with whether officers thought was a weapon. police say she pointed it at officers and that's when they shot her. later police determined she was holding a battery powered drill. the woman died at the hospital 2 hours later. san jose police department homicide unit investigating the case. officers involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure. no officers or neighbors were hurt. jury has deadlocked in the trial of concord teacher accused of molesting his students. joseph martin was found not guilty of 21 counts of molesting 3 former students. the jury was deadlocked on 95 other counts involving 11 other students. martin was charged with 116 counts in all involving 14 former woodside elementary students. he taught fourth fifth grade and was arrested last year. defense
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attorneys argue students only made accusations based on rumors. all right. keep it right here. more to get to on 7 news at 9:00. up next. new company wins the fwoyd collect oakland garbage. what is going to mean for jobs in the city and your race. >> also update on the drough drought.where we stand at this point right in the middle of summer. spencer is here with the weather. >> all right dan given our drought situation i can show you 7 sunny days ahead in the accu-weather forecast in a moment. >> thanks. tears will flow bay area father relives the murder of his son. part of moving new film on championship high school football team. that story and much more as abc 7 school football team. that story and much more as abc 7 news at 9:00 continounds]
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a trash talk is heavy tonight in oakland now that new garbage collector named. mayor and some at city hall are calling about the deal but word spreads that garbage bills are going up not everyone is so excited. nick smith has the story. >> i'm worried that a the trash won't be picked up every week. >> oakland city council approved new garbage collection deal with california waste solution. one of the only 2 companies to bid for the contract. but the deal and
9:16 pm
question about his cws ability to service the city the size of oakland has left homeowners like miss jackson concerned. >> they say it's going to be cheap than waste management the first year but what about the following year sns is it going to be more? >>reporter: the city got behind cws because the oakland base company promised lower rates than the competitor and current contract holder waste management solution. right now the average homeowner pays about 40 dollars a month. but come july the fee will rise about 7 dollars. >> california waste does not even have its site. it will take them 5 years to develop a site. >>reporter: oakland council member was the only city lead tore vote against approving the new contract. he says wcs simply isn't ready for the scale of garbage collection necessary to keep oakland clean. >> we are ready. we have letters of commitment and obligation from our vendors and contractors. we'll be ready to do this. it's what we did. >>reporter: cws fvl of sister. put 80 million dollars in the
9:17 pm
new facility in the city of locate land. >>reporter: that means hundreds office new jobs. >> to be clear if there is a missed garbage ping you are the guy we are looking for. >> you are the man i'm the man i'll be picking it up. >>reporter: in oakland abc 7 news into if drought monitor release new drought map for california we can share with you. latest assessment shows conditions appear to have leveled off. dark red area under exceptional drought. lighter red indicates extreme traditions. conditions have remained unchanged for two week now. state reservoir are at 59 percent of capacity. still need a lot of rain. >> it's not coming any time soon. experience is here watching maybe a little drizzle but that's it. at candlestick it's a little brisk out there. >> brisk and breezy. of they are enjoying sir paul but we are still hoping for rain we may have to wait until november or december but we can dm. here's low cloud following along the coast line and locally out over the bay right
9:18 pm
now. here's live view from the rav top camera at abc 7al embarcadero doesn't look cloudy except farther westover near the coast line there outline of clouds. 59 in san francisco. 61 at oakland. we have 64 san carlos. san jose 67. tv 60 in gilroy and 57 at half moon bay. here's of emeryville camera looking west ward across the bay and cloud off in the distance there but not begun to work their way inland yet. currently 58 santa rosa. 65 at napa novato 69 fairfield. 70 in concord and 72 at livermore. live view at the golden gate bridge where few hours ago we saw quite a bit of foggy conditions and right now we see virtually none at all but it will return. these are forecast feature foggy overnight along the coast and bay mild to warm in the next few days. we'll see high pressure near average for about the next week no inform dramatic change one way or the other above or below average.
9:19 pm
light sea breeze which we had throughout the day and in the evening hours now pushing on shore. high pressure centered offshore will be controlling can factor in the weather through the weekend giving us nice stable pattern of mild to warm days and of course cool nights as the fog returns to the coast. here's our forecast animation overnight showing fog returning to the coast and a little bit beyond the coast and we may have some spotty drizzle to which dan referred earlier. could produce some damp spots early morning commute but not wide spread but mainly near the coast and perhaps out over the peninsula. parts in the santa cruz mountain. meanwhile overnight temperatures will be mainly in the upper 50's to low 60's but we'll see some low mid 50's in the north bay valley. that will be the coolest region of the bay area overnight then tomorrow mainly sunny skies in the south bay high generally in the 80's. 81 at santa clara. 83 san jose. on the peninsula upper 70's to low 80's 82 at redwood city. low 80's palo alto and mountain view. mid 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown
9:20 pm
san francisco high of 68 tomorrow. 70 in south san francisco up in the north bay look for low mid 80's in the north bay valley from santa rosa to calistoga down to napa and sonoma. over on the east bay if 75 will be the high in oakland. 77 san leandro. 80 at fremont. inland east bay nice and toasty with upper dwroys about 90 at fairfield and antioch and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it's going to be pretty steady pattern through 7 days with inland high near 90 degrees. around the bay we see about 80 or so. and on the coast mid 60's. so not much variation just by degree or 2 as we go through the 7 day period. maybe warm-up towards the end of next week but not exactly leading to heat wave. >> stuck here not at candlestick walking -- watching paul. >> i never got my ticket paul didn't call. >> still ahead tonight. progress report on the bay bridge. how much longer we progress report on the bay bridge. how much longer we expect to see the old next to
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. >> the 43 mont unified school district will go back to square 1 now to build a sex education curriculum that complies with state standard. last nature the board voted to shell very controversial rather graphic new book written for college students. dozens of angry parents showed to voice their concerns at last night school board meeting. demanding the book you held today not be used in 9th grade class rooms. board decided to use last year text book. problem is they were moving to the new book because the old one is outdate outdated. today they told us they won't use any of the outdated material in the old book. instead they bring in
9:25 pm
newer publication to supplement that book when they get to the topic. and they won't allow students to take the book home to prevent them from reading any material in the old week that is not factually correct. complicated solution but something the school district is trying. state officials say that we are going to see the old eastern span of the bay bridge for few more years while crew work to remove it looking at live picture of the new bridge that is quite stunning. removing the old bridge though is going to cost taxpayers now we have learned 250 million dollars. cal-trans says the removal process is tricky. they have to make sure the bridge can support itself while crews pick it apart. every piece take you out changes the force on every component up there. you recalculate the force of the bridge dismantle piece by piece by peel. it goes well. >> bridge built in the 1930s. we see some of the progress workers made back in april when they started tearing it down. target date to get the whole
9:26 pm
thing removed is if 2017. cal-trans says the contractor doing the work recycle much of what they tear down all of that steel. >> all right another half hour of abc 7 news is next. coming up. city on the edge. tear gas and rubber bullet aimed at protestors and the molotov cocktail aimed at police. tonight the change in command out on the streets. >> unprecedented study under way at bay area hospital that puts medical marijuana to a new test. it's a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >> and the monster titles wave that caught does owner people completely by surprise. stay right here another half hour of abc 7 news at 9:00 is
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>> good evening once again. we begin this half hour in ferguson, missouri where it is another night of street protest over the killing of unarmed black teenager by a police officer. but tonight protest have been peaceful in marked contrast to the past 4 daisy of violent clashes between police and demonstrators and that may be the result of change intact particular by authorities who decided to take a softer line with the angry crowds. there is word tonight that the ferguson police chef will announce the name of the police officer involved in the shooting tomorrow. part of what the protestors were so upset about the name was withheld. if we are open the street with ferguson tonight. if. >> again tonight. they marche marched. hundreds of people flooding the streets of ferguson, missouri. same call for answers after unarmed
9:31 pm
teenager michael brown was shot and killed by an officer saturday. the after last night violent clashes between demonstrators and police tonight the started as peaceful protest stay that had way. >> difference here tonight the police. no riot gear no. rifles. >> compared to last night and tonight you can see a lot of mixed races out here. nobody is tripping. everybody is peace and hug today and better tomorrow. >> change intact particular coming after missouri governor put state highway patrol in charge of security. head of which lives in the community and joined in the march. >> i have a dog and big dog. >> still there is frustration and growing push to get police to release the name of the officer who killed michael brown. >> i think it would be tell an important milestone here to the
9:32 pm
get that out as expeditiously as point. people stay out into the night demand answers we are told the investigation in michael brown death could still take several more weeks t.the this is abc news ferguson, missouri. ow to the crisis in iraq. iraqi prime minister maliki stepped aside from the post today and now supporting his nominated replacement. also today president obama said the united states has broken islamic militant siege on the mountain. u.s. officials reported circumstances there less dire than first feared. more than 2000 iraqi civilian are still atop the mountain but they are still coming down now. president obama says u.s. open ration including humanitarian airdrop of food water have helped thousands once stranded there. >> military was able to successfully strike target around the mountain that improve conditions for civilian tow vac ate the mountain safel
9:33 pm
safely. situation on the mountain has greatly improved. americans should be very proud of our effort. >> islamic state group advance in iraq drove tens of thousands of people from the homes last week and took refuge on the mountain. we are desperately for relief. >> first today for pope franci francis. 77-year-old pontiff in seoul south korea first speech in english since he became head of the catholic church in march of last year. pope spoke in english during 10 minute speech where he talked about if peace reconciliation as well as the need to educate the young. >> clinical trial of medical marijuana could provide new hope for people suffering from sickle cell meania -- people in yeah. the study happening at san francisco general hospital so cutting edge the government almost stopped from it happening. >> oakland harbor side health center the walls lined with
9:34 pm
every pot plant you can imagine. if. >> but across the room at the state largest cannabis dispensary something else on sale. the the it's liquid marijuana. including some kinds of rich in chemical called cbd. >> it's another active ingredient in the plant. it's not psycho active. but it is active against inflam asian and pain. >> this doctor knows that because of the mice. genetically programmed to develop the painful condition as apeople in yeah. normally round red blood cell take on crescent shape and clog vital path way through the body. doctors treat the pain dangerous and addictive with opiate but medical marijuana high in cbd the mice showed less pain and less inflammatio inflammation. >> and the hypothesis that people can get away with lower doses of opiate with better control of pain when they add vaporizes cannabis.
9:35 pm
>> study sparking excitement among medical marijuana advocate not because of what it means for science but because what it does for public perception. >> the biggest challenge is social acceptance of the immediate as medicine. >>reporter: like the clinical study many l patients turned to vaporizesing rather than smoking. liquid pot goes inside this vapor pen where it is heated up. >> vaporizes provide one of the safest way to injest the medicine because you don't burn any plant matter. >>reporter: but not safe enough to dodge government scrutiny. fda put hold on the study here making him demonstrate that vaporizes cbd wasn't harmful to mice or dog. after year long delay he has the green light for human study federal funding and federal marijuana. add have cat hope it means the feds are so much engine up on cannabis research. >> i hope so but i have been doing this too long to think it's possible. >>reporter: anow back to you. >> hundreds of people were swept off their feet we know the world largely east tidal wave fv surged up a river and
9:36 pm
blasted gigantic wave over the bank. watch this. the surprise onlooker standing on the bank of the river in central china when the monster wave struck yesterday. tidal bore happen when fast rising tide is funnel by river into upstream wave. wave can be as high as 11 feet. it usually falls on the 18th day of the eighth month in the chinese lunar calendar. this year bore was affected by the superman caution the tide to come in just a little bit strong. there are other tidal bore around the world but this one is the very biggest. >> coming up next at 9:00. tears will flow as bay area father relives the murder of his son. part of moving new film on championship hay school his son. part of moving new film on championship hay school football team here in the bay
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movie inspired by concord high school hit theaters next week. school holding early premier sunday at blackhawk theater in danville to raise money for the kelly memorial fund. terence was star player who was shot and killed after his tr season. she spoke with his father who calls the movie emotional story about leadership and brotherhood. about. >> 12 years. 151 games in a row. >>reporter: when the game stands tall movie inspired by the book by neal hays tells the story of the legendary football team. spartan have the longest winning streak in the country. but in 2004 that all changed. >> he made a difference. real big difference. when he come out like that the fired up.
9:41 pm
>>reporter: kelly son terence was the star running back and linebacker. days before leading to play at the university of oregon on scholarship he was shot and killed. terence was just 18. 15-year-old richmond boy was charged with his murder and later convicted. terence family saw advance screening of the movie. >> i had to get up. first time i seen him. >>reporter: spartan lost the first game after 151 wins just week after terence death. >> it hurt me. if. >>reporter: coach bob says the film brings back both tough and happy memory. he calls it great tribute to terence and the rest of the team. >> it's not just about footbal football. a lot of human dynamic and development. >>reporter: since terence death his dad formed the kelly youth foundation. he says the movie is another way for the legacy to live on. >> the dreams will come and they candice appear in a snap.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: movie open in theaters across the country next friday. in concord abc 7 news. >> coming up next on 7 news at 9:00 more from can system park final farewell. and picture from the beatles final concert not shown until now. you will see them right
9:43 pm
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>> sir paul says he wanted to rock the stick one last time because of the special memory he had of playing there in august of 1966. a lot of others have memory of that night, too. and here's wayne with a little yesterday and today. >> it has been a long long wait. not just day in the candlestick parking lot. how about 48 years? >> to get to see paul mccartney
9:46 pm
in person i am, i am thrilled. >>reporter: for sue of menlo park going to the concert tonight is almost an act of redemption. make good for the concert she hoped to attend in 1966 until her mother said no you have already seen the beatles. >> even though it's paul mccartney and we have lost john and lost george and ringo won't be there but it's paul mccartney still signify the beetles to me. >>reporter: today the event of old news film and black and white picture. best photographic record may be here at the san francisco art exchange which was busy today as people like mary good fellow walked through. she takened that 1966 concert. >> very cool. i remember paul singing yesterday and i still remember the voice shivering. if yesterday. spishingts photographer of the photographs jim marshall a legend. little did he know when he took the pictures that 1966 candlestick park would be the last concert
9:47 pm
ever by the beetles. if did you have any sense of history. >> we didn't know it was history. >>reporter: tonight we do. bad enough to miss it once. second time the charm. >> we can hardly wait for tonight. just i started pos posting on facebook. how many hours left to go. >>reporter: at candlestick park abc 7 news. >> well tonight concert will of course create a lot of memory but fill will compare to the experience 50 years ago of our friend the former abc 7 news cameraman. fred was staff photographer for the san francisco examiner taking pictures of the cow palace when the beatles made the bay area debut in 1964. he was locate now also get asipe to the concert two years later. he says from was little to production in today cop certificate there were only 2 giant speakers on stage and fence to keep the fans away. >> they only perform for 30 minutes. and then 30 minutes you could hardly hear them
9:48 pm
because of the constant screaming and yelling of all the young kids that were out there. >>reporter: he only took few pictures of the spectacle now wishes he had taken more. but no one guessed back then it would be the beetles last concert together. sfichlt great image of everything he did. how remarkable to cap take your the beatles like tha that. >> spencer is here in the forecast. >> time lapse view check this out from the east bay hills camera golden gate this afternoon and in the early evening. fog was rolling. water fall so thick but actually much of it has sort of thened out for now. here's a little bit of fog along the coast lean and mostly clear inland over the bay but will change in the over nature hour hours. state wide mainly season conditions and hot and interior section of the state high in the mid 90's to low 10 100. bay area mild to warm day tomorrow with mid 60's at the coast. upper 70's to low 80's around the bay. upper why is to 90 inland. here's 7 day
9:49 pm
forecast and it has to be a lovely 7 days ahead. sunny afternoon high near 90 inland. 80 around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. the couldn't ask for much nicer summertime weather than that. thanks very much. >> pop culture and internet slang more official. oxford adding grow hug and maze ball as if you batch of word to reflect vocabulary trechbilitydz other entry include binge watch to avidly watch something. hot mess person or thing spectacularly unsuccessful or disorder. cute or adorable adosh. cray and man explaining man explaining something to a woman. the the words out there. we want you to now turn to binge watch a hot mess. larry is here. although some people tell me i'm adosh.
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>> come up tonight 7 news at 11:00. sir paul back where he once belonged. closing out candlestick. we take you inside the final farewell. plus sweet tea anything but. woman hospitalized after just one sip. what's the deal? join us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> larry here with all the sports. of. >> candlestick farewell and paul mccartney. after he fish the last song and blew it up. >> 3 hours judging from the park. brit it down. >> finish the final song nrir for drastically mat ick. >> that's what i do. >> i have a lot of ideas. i'm
9:54 pm
an ideas man. >> my idea about the a they better start winning some games. they have the best record in baseball still. but trip to kansas city trim the lead to the al west. red hot royal 3 out of 4 in the athletic including the series finale today. picture up in the sixth. reddick high fly ball. deep to center field. if i got it i got it. i ain't got it. lost it in the sun. tied at two they rule this a triple's scar coming down on your head. next batter alberto. giving the a's first lady of the game. athletic. bottom 7. 2 men on. he's on the hook for the los here. reliever cook. if cavalry not coming. base hit by hear and the triple down the line. the cook didn't record an out. 3 runs on 2 hit. royals explode. 5 runs in the seventh. and win 7-3-f more in the
9:55 pm
background bay area rest didn' didn't. a's 2 games ahead of the idol -- idle angels. first place dodgers against the braves 2 run could clout in the second inning. nrol still visible? 3 nothing l.a. electrifying if rafael. never know whether he's going to do. spectacular. crashes in the wall. holds on to rob l fred free man. dodgers over the braves 6-4. l.a. leading the giants by 5 and a half games. baseball owner have chosen a successor to bud selig t.would be man fred take over as new commissioner in january. he has been in upper management for 15 years now serving as vice president of labor relations he's lawyer. got a degree. chief operating officer and has been since 201 2013. hopefully he moves a lot faster than selig did on the a's ballpark situation. that think is just dragging on forever. selig the
9:56 pm
commissioner for 22 years. th the. >> there is no question that i would not be standing here today if it were not for bud. and i hope l that i will perform as tenth commissioner way that will add to his great legacy. >> there noise doubt in my mind he has the training. the temperament. the experience. to be a very, very successful commissioner and i have the justifiably very high expectations. despite back-to-back pack 12 championship and two rows bowl appearances stanford quarterback hogan still hearing from the critic wondering is he the guy can he leave the cardinal team to the new play off system they have set up. david shaw will love to run the ball when he can. at the let tyler run wild last season. hogan probably has to carry more of the offensive load. he's fine with that. not bothered at all by the krill critic. >> i push myself to be the best i can be and my role last year
9:57 pm
was different o. toyvs asked to manage games. get us that the right place. this year we have play maker on the outside so got to get the ball to them somehow and i can't hand the ball off to them. so i may have to throw it to them. >> pre-season football jags and bears check out the referee right here. 31 yard toss penalty flag. 31 yards. tv chad 12 of 17. 130 yards. the 13 nothing jag lead. palmer younger brother of carson palmer. led the bears to 2 late touch downs in the fourth. to perry. up with a run under a minute to go and a the bears win 20-19. after the horrific injury to paul george practicing for team usa warrior fans hope that curry and thompson come back from the world championship alive and well. the another scare today if practice. sacramento to cousin. goes down with a knee giraffe davis landed on cuss i hope right neechlt it looked
9:58 pm
really bad at fears. kind of scary for few minute but cousins was able to walk out of the gym unhis own power. and he's listed as day-to-day. the the injury it shook everybody else but he's not worried about getting hurt. the. >> great opportunity the to represent your country and comes around every so often. the i think everybody here understands it and lacking forward to same mission. >>reporter: he's not worried about getting hurt. i'm worried about g him getting hurt. 7 sports brought by toyota. >> careful with the ankle. >> don't even talk about the ankle. i don't want to hear i it. >> he's fine. >> what is the purpose of a 31 yard throw. yoyvrng seen that. >> fired up. fourth quarter though. they experimentd with 8 officials and they had a zillion penalty so you add another official and you get
9:59 pm
more. >> maybe all competing. sfichlt back up quarterback after that. >> that was impressive toss. >> thanks very much. that is this edition of abc 7 news on tv 20 for all of us. thanks so much for the company. we appreciate your time and see you again in an hour over on appreciate your time and see you again in an hour over on the big 7 all: ♪ to you
10:00 pm
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